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Pharez Whitted Sextet// Jazz & Rib Fest, Columbus, OH

If you asked Pharez what inspires his music, he’d say that the world needs hope and beauty and his compositions were created for that purpose. His music is for the people, to lift them up and inspire beautiful thoughts and a harmonious vibe throughout the universe. One love, one universal voice. That voice is heard loud and clear in his newest release, ‘The Tree Of Life’.  In this album he wanted people to feel the music he performs more than just to think about it from a musical standpoint.  One of his biggest goals is to perform music that is accessible to everyday people but still speaks to life and creativity while elevating their mind and spirit to dream and visualize possibilities that they never imagined.  That is a lofty goal, but he has hit that mark and beyond.

What Pharez has prided himself on are the members of the band in his current project ‘The Tree of Life’ whom he says are all extremely creative in their own right. They have a very unique voice on their respective instruments, and a beautiful spirit, which is what drew him to them in the first place.  The members in his new band are Jonathan Wood on bass, Edwin Bayard on tenor sax, Lovell Bradford on piano and keys, and Greg Artry on drums and percussion.